Jeff Koons Plates

140,400yen(Tax included)
140,400yen(Tax included)

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Jeff Koons Plates

Jeff Koons x Bernardaud Plate Series

Selected by MoMA, a plate series collaborating the work of NY-based American artist Jeff Koons and top-quality porcelain manufacturer Bernardaud established 1863 in Limoges, France, will be released for sale starting at MoMA.

Limited to a supply of 2,500, each of these products will be sold alongside a card containing a serial number.

The series convey a sense of transplanting Jeff Koons' work onto porcelain, allowing the owner a taste of contemporary art on a daily basis.

On sale March 19th


Elephant plate

Inspired by a child's toy and manufactured in 2003, the endearing facial expression of the Elephant object makes an attractive print. Made in France.


Lips Plate

An image from Koons' painting Lips printed. Made in France.


Split Rocker Plate

A print of Split Rocker, the sculpture inspired from Koons' son's toy pony and a dinosaur. Live flowering plants adorn the sculpture supported by a watering system within the framework. Exhibited in 2014 at the Rockefeller Center NY. Made in France


Play Doh Plate

The huge ornament which took Koons 20 years (1994 - 2014) to complete comes printed on the plate. Made in France.


Jeff Koons

American artist.

Having studied art at Maryland university college, Koons worked as a broker on wall street before starting his career as an artist.

Then he gains notoriety in the arts world globally following his debut as an artist with his work in the Neo-Geometric Conceptualism exhibition at the Sonnabend gallery in New York in 1986.

Koons' works challenges the distinction between the art and kitsch worlds. Purity, beauty, sexuality and good fortune are all themes in his work.



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