The Yona Yona Beer Kitchen Kanda is the official beer bar where customers will be a able to to enjoy the array of Yo-Ho Brewing company’s beer flavours. With favourites such as Yona Yona Ale and Suiyoubi No Neko, there will also be constant choice of limited edition beer specials. Food includes the original sausages with over 10 types of species and herbs, and roast chicken using poultry from Fukushima.

The interior concept for Yona Yona Beer Kitchen Kanda is based on a western small factory and turning that into a beer restaurant. The handmade homeliness of this idea comes across warmly.

Nona Yona Beer Kitchen Kanda

Address: Tokyo Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Kandasudacho, 1-24-6



Inside 69 seats(17counter seats、 51table seats)、Terrace Seats 8

Approximate prices:Lunch ¥2,800 、 Dinner ¥3,800

Operating Hours:Weekdays  11:30~15:00(LO14:00) 16:00~23:30(LO22:00)

Weekends, public holidays 11:30~23:00(LO22:00 )