photo by from89


福島県いわき市の木工職人集団MOCONOCO×miz miz designのコラボレート作品「kotori chair」。一目見ただけで『KAWAII!』と飛び跳ねそうな、まるっとキュートなフォルム。



"Cute chairs snuggls against each other."

『kotori chair-chair which shapes like songbirds-』
is the collaboration products by MOCONOCO;

the group of woodworker in Iwaki, Fukushima and miz miz design.
One glance at this cute round form, you might say "KAWAII" with having lots of interests. 
This snuggled shape like songbirds of the products heals us with relaxing

as at home and reminds us "family ties".So lovely.