Tour de France] [s] and [f]

Tokyo Designer's Week Yatsuka he met at Wada (Yazuka Wada) (titles omitted below) will introduce the photo.

When I saw this picture in place, a sudden current flowing in the body and Bibibi cloudy.
Because if they suddenly from the eyes of the pictures of my favorite Tour de France.
Need to know more Tour de France, it seems to be that many, and a brief description, and France by bike during the summer run through neighboring countries, I think you'll enjoy cycling world championships I think.
Little, and delving into an explanation of the Wiki is the best but to receive information in a professional road race started in 1903, the long term to 23 days in July each year, even road, mountain stage, vial provides several tigers and a stage-time, daily or even wearing fashionable spots such Maillot Blanc Rouge led by Powa Ridajaji a variety of Maiyojonu, usually a yellow-green that it could not wear the veil a little Maillot Multiple awards are available for each jersey example, visually pleasing as well.
Spectators and players that appear each year and the devil man, passing through the region and countries around the event called the Tour de France, TV home through the PUB and the sense of unity, happiness and excitement, sadness and sometimes tragedy happens, some animal life I just can experience the event only 23 days a year.
A road race that attracts people's story that much longer, the Japanese have been taking pictures for a long time.
It is Yatsuka Wada.
From the looks of the Spanish team during the summer] [Eusukaruteru just kept taking pictures and there accompanied with a feeling of hair and golden skin exposed to the sport fully rich European yang.
Tour de France and the opportunity was taken, using cameras, and I could hear various stories.
For now, people will come to know Yatsuka Wada, you pick up on two books, please continue to be a good purchase.
Players during the ON / OFF or due to the shot lines and stunning weave players through a sunflower field, each turn of page, stop the finger to open the page after another, they go to the last page and realize It's about work.
Incidentally, in 2010 [s], 2009 [f], [R] in 2008 and is a series.
Wada Yatsuka summer photos in the future will be felt every year look forward to.

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Tour de France 『s』 and 『f』


Tokyo Designer's Weekで知り合った和田八束氏(Yazuka Wada)(以下敬称略)の写真を紹介致します。






もう少し、踏み込んで説明をするとWikiを 参照して頂くのが一番いいですが、1903年から始まったプロのロードレースで、毎年7月に23日間という長期間に、平坦な道、山岳ステージ、タイムトラ イアルとステージが複数用意され、色々なマイヨジョーヌというリーダージャージを筆頭にマイヨ・ブラン・ア・ポワ・ルージュなど普段着てもおしゃれな水玉 や、普段はちょっと着れないかもなというマイヨ・ヴェールという黄緑のジャージなど複数賞ごとに用意され、視覚的にも楽しませてくれる。